Arabian Hala

Arabian Hala is a family company founded by Mr. Sulaiman Al Saleh in 1977. In 40 years, the company expanded to become an influential economic entity with diversified investments in fields such as car rental, maintenance & spare parts sales, and import & distribution of tires. Arabian Hala has expanded to support supply chain services, by providing logistics contract services, freight forwarding, warehousing, and transportation. To expand its investment portfolio, it has begun expanding its manufacturing business by manufacturing waterproofing membranes and water bottling.

Services Offered by Our

Car Rental

Individuals can rent a car from AVIS on a daily or monthly basis.

AVIS Fleet Solutions

AVIS Fleet Solutions

AVIS offers personal lease plans to suit your business requirements.


Naqel Express

Explore innovative express shipping solutions that meet your needs.

Naqel Express

Air Freight

Naqel provides air freight with no weight or size restrictions.

Naqel Express

Collision Repair

SAC will restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.


Waterproofing Manufacturing

Dermabit provides waterproofing membranes for many types of roofs.


Warehousing Solutions

Hala Supply Chain Services offers effective warehousing solutions to help clients handle seasonal volume variations.

Hala Supply Chain

Tires and Battery Suppliers

ZAFCO, an official supplier of a wide range of tire and battery brands, and distributors across Saudi.


Our success is captured
in our values and mission

Hala offers custom solutions to the Saudi market, based on the values of our community, using the latest technology and integrated platforms of diversified services. This allows Hala to provide its customers with the luxury of choice, and confidence that Hala fully meets their business goals.


Mr. Sulaiman
Abdulrahman Al Saleh

Founder and Chairman

Mr. Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Al Saleh is a Saudi Arabian entrepreneur and distinguished business leader with a long record of successful ventures. A graduate of Whittier College (USA) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and International Relations in 1964, Mr. Sulaiman has a distinguished record of public service. He was the first General Manager of Saudi TV, Deputy Mayor of Riyadh for ten years, Member of Shoura Council’s First and Second Session, and Board Member of The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI), Riyadh Development High Commission and Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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